Sneak up on Fitness Part I

Why Not Exercise?

Why are so many people so out of shape that they can’t conveniently perform routine, day-to-day activities? After all, nobody sets out to be that way.

Exercise is Fun!

The popularity of shows, like NBC’s The Biggest Loser, demonstrate the interest that people have in the dramatic transformative potential of diet and exercise. However, who doesn’t already know that if you exercise more and eat less that you won’t look and feel better?

Then why don’t more people just do it? . Why can’t they just push themselves away from the table?

All of us have good habits and bad habits. We just don’t decide to become 50 pounds overweight and we don’t get in the condition we’re in overnight. How do we stop and then reverse this downward spiral?

Sneak Up On Fitness

Obviously, most of us are not going to be contestants on The Biggest Loser.  We can’t afford to just quit our current life and slavishly follow the exhortations of the most charismatic and effective personal trainers out there. In Part II of Sneak up on Fitness I’ll offer some suggestions on how I think you can get started on a walk in the park that will lead to self sustaining, positive changes. In six months when you look back on where you are compared to where you were, you will be shocked at how easy it all was.






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