Strong On the Inside

The various anomalies collectively know as cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of Americans. One of the big benefits of regular cardio and strength training exercise is that they both reduce cardiac risk factors.

Today I went in for a screening for various heart and vascular system risk factors. This was required by our health insurer: participate and the family deductible is reduced from $1000 to $500. At my age (57) and at 191 pounds at a height of 5’10”, I won’t be mistaken for Twiggy any time soon. Despite my age and lack of skinniness, these are the numbers from the clinic:

Blood Pressure 124/80 (after having my finger pricked and “milked” for blood.) Total Cholesterol 199(desirable under 200); HDL (good cholesterol) 74 vs. desirable of over 40; LDL (bad cholesterol) 98 vs. desirable of under 130; Triglycerides 136 vs. desirable of under 150; blood glucose 98 vs. desirable of under 100.

The neat thing about these numbers is that I never really worry about them; I never have to try to do anything about it. Since I’ve been working out regularly, all of this good stuff on the inside is just a nice bonus that comes along with being strong on the outside.




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