Sitting Will Kill You & Keeping It Simple Today

Fitness Mission is all about KISS…”Keep It Simple (Stupid)” or (Silly). One of the things we’ll be talking about in the coming months is the terribly excessive amount of sitting that is synonymous with our contemporary lifestyles. As a bit of a preview, I made a little video for Heidi and Jay over at Health Binge:

There’s about a foot of snow on the ground. Rather than go to the gym or work out in the basement, I decided to go for a little Rocky IV action. I took the snow blower and made a perimeter path around the field that formed a square 100 yards on a side. I then sprinted Rocky style through the snow for 100 yards, then walked back on the path for approximately 150 yards. I performed 10 of those loops in 19 minutes. A few hours later I showed wife Gloria the big track and we did another 5 loops. Pretty gnarly, but it felt like a solid workout. A lot of work for the legs, a lot of huffing and puffing, yet not a lot of impact.


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