Good Times
Good Times


The Fitness Mission is an initiative to help people to understand that they have a right and an obligation to themselves and their loved ones to perform the self-maintenance that allows them to fully express themselves as human beings. Most people pay much more attention to maintaining their car than their own physical and mental condition.

We believe that the big thing is to get people to believe that big change is possible….that they are not just the product of their genes and their environment. Rather, they really do have the freedom to decide if they are worth at least a little tune-up; perhaps even a major overhaul. We believe that if they have the latest and best information, with a little confidence they will be able to make better decisions.

We understand the frustration to the point of despair that some feel after years of suffering through overpromised diets and exercise regimes that result in no meaningful change. We have seen where simple changes in perspective and attitude make the awful sense of defeated resignation impossible.

With solid, practical information and the right attitude dramatic change is not only possible, it is guaranteed. It really should not be as hard as many people have had to suffer in the past.



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